Cracking Gromits Man!

January 23rd, 2012

What A Lot Of Cracking Gromits!

What A Lot Of Cracking Gromits!

Wow! What a lot of cracking Gromits there were, made by the creative bunch at the fabulous model making workshop hosted by Aardman‘s head modelling honcho and all round good egg Jim Parkyn on Saturday. The ‘grand day out’  took place at Newcastle’s Life Science Centre as part of the send-off for the Intellectual Property Office sponsored ‘World of Cracking Ideas’ exhibition.

And what a cracking send-off and tribute to the exhibition the day was with visitors from all over the North East (and one from South Wales!) drawing on inspiration from Aardman’s creative genius and their own inventiveness to come up with an array of splendid Gromits! The models were all clearly Wallace’s innovative pal and canine sidekick but each one had  its own unique features and personality traits courtesy of the creator’s individual take on dear old Gromit!

Have a look at this  YouTube show courtesy of Life Science Centre’s Elin Roberts to see the cracking Gromits taking shape.  We’d love to know what you think of them. Then after you’ve been inspired why not get cracking with the clay yourself and see what amazing model making you can come up with … we’d love to see your results so why not post them in our Ideas Gallery and let others share in your innovative creativity too.

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