The Game Is On

Who is this for?

The Game is On! is a highly creative, educational resource that introduces students to UK copyright law. Designed for pupils aged 11-18, it enables the development of core thinking skills as well as teaching activities across a range of subjects, including English Language and Literacy, Media, Art and Law.

What's available?

Six animated films, each with a set of annotations exploring the creative process behind their development, and a number of related case files. Each case file comes with a set of teaching notes, introductory guides to copyright law, and curriculum links. All these documents can be found in John Watson’s Dispatch Box.

Teacher Notes and Activities

Each Teaching Note includes clearly defined teaching aims as well as key questions to provide a focus for learning. Many of the individual Teaching Notes also include Suggested Activities, such as developing and pitching ideas for a TV or film production, negotiating a commercial contract, or organising a mock trial. Finally, with Create it Yourself: The Game is Still On! students can explore and indulge their creative and imaginative abilities. Drawing on all six films, students can continue the story in their own words, or, by using the vector files of our own character sheets and illustrations, they can even edit our films or perhaps create their own!

Ep1. The Adventure of the Girl with the Light Blue Hair

Episode 1

In a fictional land called London, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet a curious client: the toymaker Joseph who has just recently signed a deal with some Hollywoodland producers to make a movie featuring Joseph’s most famous toy.

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Ep2. The Adventure of the Six Detectives

Episode 2

When Sherlock Holmes and John Watson receive a letter from Mary Westmacott, a new adventure at the border between illusion and reality is just about to start. Is Mary only having terrifying nightmares, is she losing her mind, or is she really being haunted by her own literary creations?

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Ep3. The Adventure of the Forger’s Apprentice

Episode 3

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are being interrogated about the details of their latest case! A film star is missing, and the stuntman is the number one suspect. But who is the mysterious interviewer and why is she so interested in the case of the Forger’s Apprentice?

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Ep4. The Adventure of the Missing Note

Episode 4

A group of anarchists are threatening to post online top secret information from every European government. A digital music file, with a string of garbled metadata attached, may contain a clue to the group’s location.

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Ep5. The Adventure of the Unreliable Narrator

Episode 5

Told by the Fairy to find the missing boy, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson arrive in a dark and strange place. But when they come across a game – one they really should play – that’s when their adventure starts in earnest.

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Ep6. The Adventure of the Photographer’s Stratagem

Episode 6

In the grande finale of The Game is On! series, the boundary between illusion and reality has never been so blurred …

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John Watson's Dispatch Box
Find all the teaching materials related to The Game is On! in one place. is an independent online resource intended to make UK copyright law accessible to everyone.
The Game is On! was originally produced by CREATe - the UK Copyright and Creative Economy Centre (University of Glasgow) - with support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.