IP Tutor Plus

Who is this for?

IP Tutor Plus helps lecturers understand intellectual property rights (trade marks, patents, copyright and design) and demonstrates how IP is useful in their students’ future careers.

What's available?

IP Tutor Plus provides four tailored learning pathways. Each pathway is adapted to be suitable for different areas of study; Law, Business & Accounting, STEM, Creative and Humanities. The pathways include lecture slides, guidance notes, pre-read for students, case studies and FAQs.

IP Tutor Plus

The following resources have been designed to support lecturers and those engaging with students on intellectual assets. These resources provide you with the information that your students will need to know in using IP in their future careers.

Alternatively we can arrange for a local patent and/or trade mark attorney (from CIPA and/or CITMA) to deliver IP Tutor Plus with you. Contact the IPO at innovation@ipo.gov.uk with details of your request.

Please read our 'Introduction to IP Tutor Plus' to identify the most relevant course for you and your students.



Business, Law & Accounting

Your ideas are important. They are your personal stamp on the world around you. It’s important to understand who actually owns and controls those ideas, because it might not be you.

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The IP Tutor Plus helps you to understand how to protect your creative work. A lot of creative works will automatically be protected by copyright; they may also include trade marks, design and/or patent rights too

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Whether it’s copyright in a book, trade mark in a brand or design and/or patent in a product IP will relate to your future career.

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Your new invention may be a huge leap to a new technology, or an adaptation of pre-existing tech. In either case there may be significant IP to protect it. As long as the invention is new and not obvious, there may be something patentable. You may also have some design, trade mark/s and/or copyright involved in your work too.

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IP Tutor

An interactive e-learning tool helping students understand intellectual property rights