IP Tutor

Who is this for?

This interactive e-learning tool helps students and lecturers understand intellectual property rights i.e. trade marks, patents, copyright and designs and uses case studies to show why intellectual property is important.

What's available?

IP Tutor provides four tailored learning pathways, each adapted to suit the needs of different areas of study: creative; science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM); law, business and accounting; and humanities.

Modules tailored to your course

Choose the sector module that best describes your course. This will ensure you get the most out of the training.


Whether you're an artist or author, designer or developer, the IP Tutor helps you understand how to ensure your creative work is protected. Learn about key IP rights including design rights and automatic protection like copyright and how they apply to commercial activities like advertising and using photography.



Your ideas are important. They are your personal stamp on the world around you. It can be very important to understand and identify who develops and controls your ideas. It might, or might not be you.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Whether you’re developing new products, conducting new research or improving existing processes, IP can be relevant for you. Whatever is unique or inventive about your work will be covered by some form of Intellectual Property; be that patents, copyright, design or trade marks.


Business, Law & Accounting

Every effort a business makes to provide the best goods and services, and all the work done to promote their work under their brand, is reflected in their intellectual property. Understanding how IP law fits into their business can help protect or prevent issues they may face.

IP Tutor

An interactive e-learning tool helping students understand intellectual property rights

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