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New Resources to Help Primary Students Learn About Intellectual Property Launched

8 December 2015 | Posted in News

“The resources support teachers in understanding IP, as well as a whole host of other behind the scenes information.”  Vera Jajechnyk, Headteacher
Intellectual property supports creativity, innovation, and has an important role to play in both the UK economy, and the creative industries – but what exactly is IP?  Why does it matter to schools, and how does it link to children’s own creativity and filmmaking?   For the second year running the education charity Into Film has partnered with The Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness, and the Intellectual Property Office, to create an innovative new, curriculum-linked resource designed to help teachers answer these questions and promote greater awareness and understanding of IP among young people.  
Aimed at students aged 7-11, the new Creating Movie Magic resource introduces key ideas of intellectual property and copyright in an engaging and accessible way, enabling learners to explore concepts of creativity and ownership in relation to film. By becoming creators themselves and exploring the different roles involved in making a film, the activities encourage children to understand and respect intellectual property and want to preserve it in the future.  The activities included in the resource – which has an accompanying PowerPoint presentation - support a number of curriculum topics including literacy and English, design and Technology, art and design, music and PSHE.  They can be used in sequence, or cherry-picked according to the needs of a particular class and the equipment available.  Bringing the magic of cinema into the classroom, they range from going back to the early days of cinema and experimenting with simple special effects, to learning about the roles in film production and trying out their own filmmaking task, to sharing their films and their learning about movie magic and intellectual property with their peers.  Also included is a glossary and links to other relevant resources.
To accompany the resource, Into Film - which is supported by the BFI through Lottery funding – has come up with a list of eight recommended films for primary which are  ideal for encouraging young people to think about what the creative process is, why it should be nurtured, and the consequences of exploiting or stealing that work for your own purpose.  Films – which include, among others, Paddington, Frozen, Shaun The Sheep, Big Hero 6 and TS Spivet – are available free to order for all films with an Into Film Club.  To download the resource and list of films visit Into Film  To set up an Into Film Club for free access to thousands of films visit
Creating Movie Magic is also available to download via the IPO’s newly launched website, a unique web portal with curriculum linked resources for students from primary to higher education providing opportunities for teachers to introduce IP into the classroom.    The website supports the IPO’s belief that a basic understanding of IP and a respect for others' IP rights is a key life skill in today's connected environment, where even very young people are IP consumers, accessing online digital content independently and regularly, and are also creators of IP whose future careers may be in industries dependant upon inventiveness and creativity. 
Into Film is a UK-wide education charity which puts film at the heart of children and young people's learning and personal development.   Working with the education sector, film industry and arts and cultural organisations, Into Film is available to every school, college and youth group in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and gives children and young people the chance to experience film and the moving image creatively and critically, as well as learning about the film industry and careers within it.  Its film clubs and annual Into Film Festival provide numerous opportunities for teaching and learning through film, including access to a diverse catalogue of films, teaching resources, special events and activities, and training and CPD for educators to promote and facilitate the use of film as a powerful learning tool.
The Industry Trust has been pioneering the use of film based learning resources to inform students of the pivotal role intellectual property plays in driving film production for over a decade. Its work encourages young audiences to value copyright and empowers them to make positive choices when accessing film content online. 

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