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Intellectual Property Education Map

7 June 2016 | Posted in News

Educating our young innovators and creators about Intellectual Property is essential if, as a country, we are to value and respect the creative industries.
Education plays an important role in raising awareness and in doing so help to change perceptions and behaviour. 
The mapping exercise that has been conducted, and outlined here, has identified a great deal of activity taking place across a wide variety of creative sectors and it paints an encouraging picture. The map is updated regularly to reflect the continually changing landscape of educational activities. We would love to hear about any initiatives around Intellectual Property to be included please get in touch via
Different age groups are being targeted in lots of innovative ways: resources have been produced for schools that link to the curriculum highlighting the relevance and importance of copyright; there are competition and interactive games; and consumercampaigns – but there are also gaps. By engaging more effectively and strategically with partners it is our aim to fill these gaps, to achieve greater cohesion, clarity and coordination, while also allowing for the sharing of best practice. 

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