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Flying Drafter Thank You

16 December 2015 | Posted in News

Dear Organisers
I am writing to say a massive thank you to you for the amazing experiences that I have enjoyed since winning the Shaun Out of the City competition. I could not believe that I have won and I was so excited when my head teacher and my mum told me all about it. My class and I really enjoyed our trip to Bristol with my teacher Miss Thomas and my head teacher Mrs Bennett to see the exhibition and to meet My Shaun the Sheep The Flyer Drafter. My friends and I were so excited on the bus and we were over the moon to see all the sheep and especially my sheep. We enjoyed taking photos of them all and our teacher put pictures on the school website and my mum loved looking at them. My dad had taken me and my brother to see the Shaun in the City trail and it was really exciting to see them altogether. I was really excited to see my sheep and I thought it looked good. I love my huge bag of treasures such a the model sheep, the woolly Shaun the rucksack chocolates colouring set book I am looking after it really carefully.
Thank you also for the amazing workshop for my class and I at school. It was so exciting meeting the animator and having a go at our own Shaun the sheep. They look really cute and we have own one for the school too. Everyone learnt a lot about animation and it was brilliant fun. The animator was really nice and it gave us great us great ideas and was very inspirational.
Finally an unbelievably big thank you for the amazing Flyer Drafter himself. I helped unveil him at school in front of all the other children and the parents. They gave me a big clap and cheer when I cut the red ribbon and pronounced him open for evermore to our school. He looks great on his own concrete plinth with flowers all around him and sparkly stones. We all had our photos taken with the flyer drafter it looks brilliant right by our front door. Our headteacher Mrs Bennett had wrapped it all up in a tarpaulin and I cut it with scissors. We opened a new bit of our school at the same time. It was great fun. Mrs Bennett told us how to look after the flyer drafter and told us not to climb on it. Everyone loves it and the press came too. Thank you so much we love it. It will be a landmark at our school for ever.
Thank you so much again. I never thought in a million years that when I did my homework designing the sheep that all of this amazing stuff could happen for my friends and me.
Thank you all so much indeed
Bailey Scutt

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