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All about me

My Favorite Animal Is The Emperor Penguin (And All The Other Penguins), I Know How To Speak Francais (French),I LOVE Going To London, I Spend Some Of My Time On The Computer, I like Museums (I Even Want To Make My Own), I am a good cook.

Joined April 16th 2009

My favourite things

One lump or two?
Two. And a Half.

Fun facts about you
I Know Quite A Lot About Using A Computer, I can tie my shoes quite fast, I am a ace at Mario Kart (Even thought others don't believe me).

Your favourite inventions
I Like Inventions Which Are Less Likely To Appear, but which Physics has yet to understand, Like The Time Machine,Or A Animal Translator. That and maybe Twitter.

Mastermind subject
French, History, Maths (A Bit).

Favourite food
I Don't Know. I Like Lots Of Foods.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Random Factoid

Plasticine® is highly flammable - the original factory burned down in 1963!

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