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This website contains a wealth of educational resources to introduce students to the world of innovation and creativity. All resources and curriculum links can be downloaded free.

These resources include interactive activity packs, one-hour innovation packs, challenges and an exciting competition, all designed to help young people nurture their own creativity and generate new ideas of their own. Students will learn the personal and economic value of intellectual property, as well as how to protect their innovations through the correct use of patents, trade marks, design and copyright. Our PDFs are packed chock-full of exciting stuff - so don't worry if they take a few minutes to download.

Activity Packs

Preview of activity pack

These Activity Packs feature inspiring activities and fun information allowing students to learn the personal and economic value of intellectual property, as well as how to protect their own creativity.

The three Activity Packs, for ages 4 - 7, 8 - 11 and 12 - 16, use real life examples to highlight patents, trade marks, design and copyright. The case studies explain in a fun and interactive way how each area of intellectual property works and the protection they afford.

Activity Packs

Innovation Packs

Image of Wallace with a saw and Gromit scribbling on a notepad

Individual lesson plans designed to introduce children to the concept of innovation. They highlight ways in which children might use innovation, creativity and Intellectual Property in their everyday lives.

Simply download the Adobe PDF for use in the classroom, youth group or at home. Accompanied by relevant curriculum links.

Innovation Packs

"MY IP" Booklet

Image of the downloadable booklet

Do you know about IP in the business environment? Have you thought about which intellectual assets you own and how to protect or exploit them?

Download this booklet for free as a first step to finding out how significant intellectual property is for you and for business.

Download Booklet

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