A Big Thank You

February 16th, 2011

Cheers ... many thanks

Cheers ... many thanks

The team at Cracking Ideas HQ just want to say a big, BIG, thank you to everyone who has signed up so far to our new social media pages. The number of followers on  Facebook is now into triple figures and Twitter fans are close on their heels!

Following Cracking Ideas on Facebook and Twitter means you are always up to date with the latest goings-on and can join in topical chat with like minded people about what inspires and interests you the most. Whether that’s the latest must have gadget, the coolest brands, famous innovators, creative artists or our ambassadors Wallace & Gromit, there is always something cracking to talk about.

Congratulations Meurig Jenkins on being our 100th Facebook subscriber yesterday. We hope you enjoy continued interaction with the Cracking Ideas team and all your fellow innovation fans.

We look forward to congratulating our 1000th follower when Cracking Ideas achieves the heady heights of  quadruple figures!

Follow us. Like us. Support us!



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