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A New Venue!

Filmed at the Science Museum, London, March 2009; original venue for the exhibition

A photo of Wallace and Gromit

Picture credit: Andy Buchanan

Wallace & Gromit present A World of Cracking Ideas

This exhibition sponsored by the Intellectual Property Office, presented by Aardman Animations and produced by SGA is on display at the Life Science Centre (Newcastle upon Tyne) where it will be in residence until Sunday 22nd January 2012.

Hosted by Wallace and Gromit, the Oscar© winning inventors from 62 West Wallaby Street it is a realistic description of the world around us. In our everyday lives we constantly interact with great ideas which are the end product of someone's imagination.

These ideas are the lifeblood of any thriving society. They can benefit the country of origin by generating revenue and jobs. They can improve the convenience and quality of life for everyone in that society and indeed in the wider world. They can change the lives of the inventors beyond all recognition. And they can inspire others to be similarly innovative and to create their own ripples in the pond of original thinking.

Thinking caps on for Britain

Through its sponsorship of the exhibition the Intellectual Property Office aims to increase awareness of the growing importance of Intellectual Property (IP) to the British economy and to prevent businesses and young innovators from missing out on the opportunities to exploit their knowledge and their creativity.

This exhibition, with the help of Wallace and Gromit, sets out to show that ideas can shape our everyday lives. Cracking ideas are not only about space-ships and mould-breaking scientific and industrial breakthroughs. They can just as easily affect the world we live in by delivering a more effective way of clipping paper together or by creating a three-pin electric plug that actually folds flat.

That's the beauty of ideas that produce things of real benefit. Anyone can have one. And everyone on the planet can benefit from them.

Like inventors, ideas come in all shapes and sizes

In this exhibition, apart from the strangely compulsive contraptions invented by a lover of Wensleydale cheese, you'll also be able to see a rich variety of ideas that have helped to make this world a better, safer, more convenient, healthier, more colourful and more enjoyable place. From Wellington boots and telephones to vacuum cleaners and chocolate teapots.

Think It, Do It, Value It

At the exhibition you can come up with your own cracking ideas at the Create Stations, enter the nationwide Cracking Ideas competition and also find out how to protect your creativity using Intellectual Property (IP).

Children at the exhibition

Picture credit: Andy Buchanan

How can intellectual property help?

There are four types of IP - Copyright, Patents, Trade Marks and Registered Design. They can work together to offer complete protection and the type you need depends on exactly what you've created and what you use it for.

Wallace and Gromit will be helping the Intellectual Property Office to explain: What is copyright? What legal rights does a design have? How can a patent protect an idea? How do you tell a registered trade mark from a copycat version?

All this and more will be revealed at the Life Science Centre (Newcastle upon Tyne).

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